Adarsh Pathshala: Ek Nai Pahal


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Adarsh Pathshala: Ek Nai Pahal

Adarsh Pathshala-Ek Nai Pahal is yet another need-based initiative rolled out by SUNDESH. We have been working towards identifying and removing barriers to education and creating a better learning environment for children in the hinterland. Under this, SUNDESH, along with Dabur India Ltd and Northern Aromatics Ltd, has been investing in improving the infrastructure in schools to uplift their learning experience.

To strengthen the education system in the target villages, SUNDESH assesses the needs of the local government school and provides various items (ranging from desks and benches, fixtures and dustbins to sports goods), besides engaging in construction and repair of school toilets and buildings, and tree plantation to improve the quality of education imparted as well as reduce the dropout rates and absenteeism.

Till date, 4,863 sets of desk-benches have been donated to 108 Government schools and 4,738 students were benefited from this programme. Similarly, 112 Toilet units have been constructed in 112 government schools, providing a hygienic environment for 3,463 students.