Refund/Cancellation Policy for Donations to Sundesh

Sundesh practises the best methods in the sector. That helps us in building credibility, transparency, and accountability over the last 2 decades and more. As part of our best practices, we follow the following procedures to make it more credible and accountable to our valued donors:

  • Whatever donations received by Sundesh from their donors is intended to get a Tax exemption receipt for claiming Tax relaxation to the donors from the Income tax department,
  • Sundesh prepares the Tax receipts on the day money is received by us or credited to our bank account, whichever comes earlier.
  • For preparing the receipts, we require the donor’s name, Permanent Account No., Verifiable communication address, purpose of the donation etc. If these details are NOT available, the preparation of the receipts are delayed.
  • We do not accept anonymous donations as per the Income Tax Rules of the country.
  • The original copy of the receipt is sent to the donor, either by post or by online through a scanned version on the same day or on the very next day of receipt itself.
  • Once the receipts are sent to the donor by post or by email, we may not be able entertain any of the claims made by the donor for cancellation of the donation or refund.
  • Cancellation of the donation and refund to the donor are the sole discretion of the concerned authorities of the organization.

By any chance, if the donor wants us to refund the donation amount, it depends on the following matters:

  • The request must come to the organization within 24 hours of the donation, in the form of a written communication. No verbal request will be entertained.
  • The request for refund letter should carry full details about the donor such as:
    • Name of the donor
    • Verifiable communication address
    • Permanent Account Number of the donor
    • Purpose of donation
  • Details of the payment made such as
    • Cheque/DD number
    • Date of the instrument
    • Amount
  • If it is by online transaction,
    • Date of transaction
    • Amount Transferred
    • Name of the bank and account Number to which they have made the transfer
    • The reason for the cancellation.

Those who makes donations by using credit card/Debit Card/or online will get the refund only through the same medium and Sundesh may not be able to guarantee or warrantee the time required for the same.

Sundesh shall not be responsible for the bank charges debited by the banker while onward and transaction and for the refund.

All refunds shall be in the respective currencies only as per their corresponding Indian rupees vale at the time of the donation. While making the refund, the conversion charges, if any, shall be deducted from the net amount received by Sundesh.

At any cost, the refund will not be made in any other name other than the donor.

If any donor directly deposits the money by way of cheque or cash to Sundesh bank account without the knowledge of the organization, one is not liable to get the refund. The receipt will be issued to such donations only when the donor submits his/her/their KYD (Know Your Donor).

Against such deposits the money will not be refunded to the donor at any cost as it will be deemed that he/she/they wilfully deposited the money.

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