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Behno Ki Pathshala

SUNDESH has been promoting Adult Literacy as Behno Ki Pathshala in villages with a focus on improving literacy levels among rural women. Our aim to provide basic literacy to these women, which we feel would go a long way in helping eradicate poverty, reduce child mortality, curb population growth, achieve gender equality and ensure sustainable development. Under this initiative, rural women in the age group of 14–35 years are encouraged to join the adult literacy programme that equips them with basic reading and writing skills. After completion of this basic literacy course, these women have witnessed a significant improvement not only in their quality of life but also their self-confidence.

SUNDESH has set up formal Adult Literacy Centres in as Behno Ki Pathshala seven villages of Dhaulana block in Hapur district. While these centres were not operational during the COVID year, the women continued their learning with the support of their kids and SUNDESH volunteers. Till date, 4,717 women have become literate through our combined efforts.