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Computer Literacy Centres

Computers and computer literacy today play an increasingly important role in our day-to-day lives. Basic computer literacy has become imperative for most employers today and rural youth are often deprived of this essential knowledge due to a lack of avenues and options.

Since villages surrounding SIRUC are located 25 to 40 km away from the main Ghaziabad town, it was nearly impossible for local youth to travel to the city daily to attend computer classes. They sought SUNDESH’s intervention and help in setting up a Computer Literacy Centre in their neighbourhood.

In partnership with Dabur India Ltd. and NIIT Foundation, SUNDESH set up the first computer Literacy Centre at SIRUC in December 2017 and enrolled 55 students. With positive word spreading about this initiative and more students from neighbouring villages expressing interest in joining this course, SUNDESH set up its second Computer Literacy Centre in Village Dhaulana on December 31, 2020. Till date, 219 local youth have successfully completed their courses under this initiative.