Indira Burman



Indira Burman

Indira Burman is a philanthropist and social worker working in the areas of healthcare, women empowerment, and primary & secondary education. Over her years of Community service, she has worked to uplift India’s economically underprivileged societies.

Some of her initiatives include setting up Som Dutt Clinics in Shakarpur, New Delhi, rehabilitation of Sundarbans Mangroves and promoting menstrual hygiene among women in rural India.

Indira Burman is the Chairperson of Sustainable Development Society (Sundesh) A graduate from Nirmala Niketan (a college specializing in Social and Home Science), Indira Burman grew up in Mumbai and then lived in Kolkata, New Delhi, London and Dubai.

Indira Burman has a long history of Community service, having worked with some of India’s most economically underprivileged communities, besides supporting development initiatives in the areas of Healthcare, Women Empowerment, Primary & Secondary Education. While living in London, she was part of the fundraising committee for palliative care for cancer patients in India. She also funded a Chair for research in renal diseases in a prominent college in the U.K.

She has supported equipping and funding Som Dutt Clinics in Shakarpur, New Delhi. Today, there are 4 clinics for the BPL (Below Poverty Line) population living within a 20-km radius of each clinic. She has also supported rehabilitation at Sunderbans mangroves.

In 2017, she started Kalyani, a project aimed at educating rural Indian women about menstrual hygiene and providing them with biodegradable sanitary napkins. She has since helped create an alternate livelihood for these rural women by establishing a facility to manufacture biodegradable sanitary napkins. This facility, is managed by the rural women, and has gone a long way in helping them gaining financial independence.

In the area of education, Indira Burman along with Mr. Pradip Burman has established Gyan Anant Vidyalaya, a formal school in Atrouli, U.P., for rural Indian children.

She is currently serving on the board of Mobius Foundation, a multi-million-dollar foundation that supports Sustainable Development in rural India.