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Mushroom Cultivation

One of the first livelihood training initiatives started by SUNDESH in 1996, this programme sought to offer training to target population on mushroom cultivation. In 1996, the SUNDESH team conducted focus group meetings in Shaulana village of Dhaulana to assess needs of the villagers. The farmers said they were growing routine crops such as wheat, rice, and grass for cattle, and were interested in cultivating mushroom.

Responding to requests from the SHG members and local youth, SUNDESH orgainsed a three-day training on Mushroom Farming at SIRUC. A mushroom cultivation trainer from Nizampur village, Mr. Vinod was roped in for the session that was attended by 60 people, of which 32 participants purchased Mushroom bags developed at SIRUC for practical exposure.

SUNDESH provided initial training to farmers and the ones who opted for it were provided fertilizers, pesticides and other items free of cost. With the requisite training and an initial investment in shed, seeds, etc. from SUNDESH, the farmers were able to double their income with the cultivation of mushroom cash crop.