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Non-Formal Education Centres

Due to poverty, children from underprivileged communities usually dropout of the formal education system to financially support their families. SUNDESH has been working towards bringing these kids back into the formal education system through its Non-Formal Education Centres, which cater to children between 6 to 14 years of age.

Our first Non-Formal Education Centre was established in 1995. Till date, 7,023 children have been provided basic literacy at these centres and 2,578 children have been linked back to the formal education system.

Our students have not only successfully completed their schooling but have even pursued graduation and taken up technical training in a variety of fields like Nursing, Computer Education etc. They are now contributing to their household income.

Following the COVID outbreak in March 2020, the NFE Centres were temporarily suspended. While these centres could not be operated for the entire year, we motivated some of our senior students to run private classes in their villages for children from their respective villages.