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With no access to toilets, people in rural India are forced to defecate in the open—in fields, roadsides or in bushes. Women and girls have to wake up in the wee hours of the day and walk several kilometres to the outskirts of their village to defecate. The absence of proper sanitation facilities in schools also forced girls to drop out once they attained puberty. This prevailing problem severely affected the education levels among students, particularly the girl child.

To ensure access to safe sanitation, Dabur India Ltd . with its toilet cleaner brand SaniFresh, undertook a mega initiative ‘700 Se 7 Kadam’ under which household toilets were constucted in 25 villages of Uttar Pradesh. The aim was to not only reduce the risk to their safety but also safeguard their dignity.

The intent was to reduce the distance they walk for relieving themselves from 700 steps to a mere 7. Hence, the campaign was aptly titled ‘700 Se 7 Kadam’. The campaign created a huge buzz as over 8 lakh people were engaged across social media platforms, with 2+ lakh people pledging their support to the campaign.