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School Support Program (Parivartan)

SUNDESH, entails holistic development of government schools in the cluster of villages of Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday, 16th May, 2023. SUNDESH - a philanthropic arm of DABUR India Ltd- inaugurated the first model senior secondary school of UP in village Dhaulana under its school development Project called “Parivartan”. SUNDESH, started its "Integrated School Development Programme " under its Development Project in August,2022. The focus of the project was to access the gaps in the education system and bridging these gaps through multi-level integrated school-level development.

WE developed a 360-degree school revitalization programme focussing on the key interventions i.e., School Infrastructure, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and Teaching development. The objective of the project was not to merely improvise the infrastructure for outer appeal but to give the children an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and change the mind-set of the community towards their growth. Proper entry/exit doors, desk bench for each classroom and boundary walls were put in place. Separate toilets for girls and boys ensured that safety was not a lacking parameter.

WE also established physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories, so that students get wellversed with various procedures and methods that are required to gain the practical knowledge in these subjects. There is availability of computers and Internet as well, so that, students get to learn basic usage of Technology.

WE also organized tree plantation activities with an aim to inculcate the sense of responsibility among the young students. We provided free saplings in the school and let the students plant and take care of the saplings. Moreover, we only provided the saplings that have exceptional health and nutritional values such as Eucalyptus, Moringa etc. Our goal is to equip the young minds with proper outlook towards nature.