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Swasthya aur Suraksha

Even after seven decades of Independence, the discrimination against girls is still rampant in India. As part of its efforts to nurture the girl child and provide her equal opportunities, SUNDESH along with Dabur India Ltd crafted an integrated programme for improving her health & nutrition, besides ensuring her safety. As the implementing partner in Uttar Pradesh, SUNDESH has been working towards giving the girl child the right opportunities to nurture her talent and skills, and help her excel in different areas of life. The programme operates on four key pillars of:

  • Safe and Nutritious Food
  • Promoting Kitchen Garden
  • Self-Defence Training
  • Promoting Health Care

As part of this programme, we – along with Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) – organise Safe & Nutritious Food (SNF) campaigns in schools to spread awareness about having a balanced diet and staying away from junk food. We understand that children are powerful change agents who can usher in behavioural change and promote consumption of safe and wholesome food in their respective households. With this programme, we reach out to school-going kids and teacher to spread information about nutritious food intake. Under this, we have also trained and appointed Wellness Co-ordinators in schools, who would conduct these awareness sessions on a regular basis, besides organising activities to make students understand the significance of washing hands and maintaining hygiene.