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Fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted lives and livelihood across the globe, exacerbating historic social and economic divisions. The underserved sections of the society, particularly the daily wage workers, felt the brunt of this pandemic and the resultant nationwide lockdown. Most members of this section had no access to either adequate protective gear or daily groceries and medicines.

Recognising this pressing crisis, SUNDESH rolled out a series of relief measures along with Chunni Lal Medical Trust, Dabur India Ltd, Mobius Foundation and other NGO partners, to lend a hand to the Government’s efforts to endure the social and economic impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic as well as protecting vulnerable populations by enabling access to food and essential supplies. SUNDESH also undertook the important task of creating awareness about the virus to prevent its spread as well as educating people on social distancing.

fighting covid

We also engaged local SHG members and trainers at our cutting-tailoring centres in stitching of face masks that could wither be sold or distributed in villages. In all, over 21,000 cotton face masks and pamphlets were distributed during the pandemic. Of these, 11,000 face masks and 1,636 Dabur Sanitizer Soaps were given to individual residents in six villages.