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Veterinary Services

Since 2011-’12, SUNDESH has been offering health and medical facilities for the livestock at SIRUC. Through this programme, SUNDESH organizes vaccination and animal health check-up camps in the villages. As per the guideline issued by the Government, SUNDESH also regularly conducts vaccination for Foot & Mouth disease & HS (Haemorrhagic Septicaemia) with the support of the Government Veterinary Department. We have also been driving awareness by hosting cluster meetings with farmers on food and fodder management. The centre also ensures availability of medicines at subsidised rates to the villagers.

Under this initiative, several services like Daily OPD in villages, doorstep visits by veterinary professional, distribution of medicine, awareness campaigns, workshops, seminars, village meetings and networking with other stakeholders are undertaken.

Till date, we have organised 210 vaccination camps and 591 artificial inseminations and health check-ups and awareness meetings in surrounding villages.

SUNDESH has even started seven self-help schemes in Siwaya village, whereon twelve farmers were given dairy loans of Rs 90,000 for two buffaloes. One of the facilities that SUNDESH offers to these farmers is ‘Artificial Insemination’ for their milk-producing animals.

As a part of our initiative, we charge only Rs. 100for each insemination, much lower than the price charged by the government agencies. Moreover, through Ayurvet, the farmers can avail feed inputs, vitamin mixtures and medicines at subsidized rates.